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Collaborative planning with benefit balancing in Dynamic Supply Loops

: Egri, P.; Döring, A.; Timm, T.; Váncza, J.


CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology 4 (2011), Nr.3, S.226-233
ISSN: 1755-5817
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Zulieferbetrieb; Automobilindustrie; Zusammenarbeit; Planung

The paper discusses collaboration and cooperation in supply networks and presents a planning mechanism whose assumptions are motivated by the automotive industry. The mechanism called Dynamic Supply Loops (DSL) is decentralized, warrants local planning autonomy and works with a relatively simple information exchange protocol between immediate partners in a supply chain. By balancing the benefit of cooperation between the partners, DSL also provides incentive to give up local optima against a globally more beneficial solution. DSL is open to embed standard planning techniques and novel incentive schemes alike. Simulation results on a multi-echelon multi-period model show that DSL outperforms traditional upstream planning and facilitates channel coordination.