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Multimodality in vivo imaging

: Borlak, J.; Falck, C. von; Rodt, T.; Galanski, M.; Scholler, P.; Laström, B.

European Biotechnology Science and Industry News 7 (2008), Nr.7-8, S.32-34
ISSN: 1618-8276
Fraunhofer ITEM ()

Over the past few years, fast-paced technological progress has lent imaging techniques increasing importance. Without the use of modern imaging techniques, accurate diagnosis and therapy in patients in almost any medical setting has become virtually unthinkable. In addition to the oldest projection radiography techniques ("X-rays"), new methods such as ultrasound examination, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) now allow the morphology of pathological changes to be accurately mapped while keeping the burden on the patient to a minimum. Pathological changes in metabolic activities can also now be demonstrated non-invasively with positron emission tomography (PET).