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Verfahren zur Herstellung einer elektronischen Baugruppe und elektronische Baugruppe

Method for producing electronic assembly, involves depositing metallization layer on side of conductive layer, and structuring metallization and conductive layers for production of conductor tracks that overlap with bumps
: Ostmann, A.; Manessis, D.; Böttcher, L.; Karaszkiewicz, S.

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DE 102009058764 A: 20091215
DE 102009058764 A: 20091215
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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DE 102009058764 A1 UPAB: 20110629 NOVELTY - The method involves providing a copper film (7) with a conductive layer and a carrier layer, and applying an adhesive layer on the conductive layer with openings. An electronic component is placed on the copper film such that bumps are engaged in the openings of the conductive layer. The carrier layer of the copper film is removed such that a surface of the bumps is exposed. A metallization layer is deposited on a side of the conductive layer. The metallization and conductive layers are structured for production of conductor tracks that overlap with the bumps. USE - Method for producing an electronic assembly (claimed). ADVANTAGE - The method enables embedding of the electronic components with a clearly smaller contact pattern with geometrical accuracy. The conductor tracks overlap with the bumps, so that a part of the conductor path with the bumps is in coverage, thus avoiding production of vias, and hence eliminating associated restrictions while reducing production costs of the assembly and thickness of the assembly.