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Interlayer transition zones in Mo/Si superlattices

: Yulin, S.; Feigl, T.; Kuhlmann, T.; Kaiser, N.; Fedorenko, A.I.; Kondratenko, V.V.; Poltseva, O.V.; Sevryukova, V.A.; Zolotaryov, A.Y.; Zubarev, E.N.


Journal of applied physics 92 (2002), Nr.3, S.1216-1220
ISSN: 0021-8979
ISSN: 1089-7550
Fraunhofer IOF ()
Mo/Si superlattices; textured molybdenum grains

The formation of interlayer transition zones (ITZs) in sputtered Mo/Si multilayer structures was studied by means of cross-section electron microscopy and grazing incidence reflectivity measurements. For the evaluation and calculation of interface effects the multiperiodic design of Mo/Si structure was used. It was found that the thickness asymmetry of ITZs (Mo-on-Si and Si-on-Mo) in Mo/Si multilayer structures depends on the degree of perfection of the crystalline structure of the molybdenum layer. A transition from asymmetrical to symmetrical ITZs with a disordering of the molybdenum crystalline structure was shown. A model for the formation mechanism of asymmetrical ITZs at the different interfaces in Mo/Si multilayer structures is suggested. According to this model, ITZ formation at the Mo-on-Si interface is controlled by the surface diffusion of Si atoms on the growing molybdenum surface. In contrast, ITZ formation at the Si-on-Mo interface is determined by the bulk diffusion of Si atoms in textured molybdenum grains