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Industrial Nanometrology - Metrology for the next decade

: Westkämper, E.; Kraus, M.

Hasche, K.; Mirande, W.; Wilkening, G.:
Dimensional measurements in the micro- and nanometre range : Applications, challenges, state-of-the art. Proceedings of the 4th Seminar on Quantitative Microscopy
Bremerhaven: Wirtschaftsverlag NW, 2000 (PTB-Berichte: Fertigungsmeßtechnik F-39)
ISBN: 3-89701-503-X
Seminar on Quantitative Microscopy <4, 2000, Semmering, Austria>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Nanomeßtechnik; Meßverfahren

Today's Nanometrology can basically be divided into two development lines with two different aims. The first branch is called Research-oriented Nanometrology, the second can be named as Industrial Nanometrology. While Research-oriented Nanometrology has meanwhile been established in research institutes and in industry, an implementation of Industrial Nanometrology is still facing a variety of problems and handicaps.
The following article works out the significant differences between Research-oriented and Industrial Nanometrology, highlights advantages of an implementation of Industrial Nanometrology in industry and points out the problems and handicaps that still prevent its quick and easy implementation.
Finally suggestions for a solution of the mentioned problems are made which will help to establish Industrial Nanometrology in industry and lead to a more effective and cost saving production in Micro- and Nanotechnology.