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High-Q channel-dropping filters using ring resonators with integrated SOAs

: Rabus, D.G.; Hamacher, M.; Troppenz, U.; Heidrich, H.


IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 14 (2002), Nr.10, S.1442-1444
ISSN: 1041-1135
Fraunhofer HHI ()
gallium arsenide; iii-v semiconductors; indium compounds; integrated optics; laser tuning; optical communication equipment; optical filters; optical tuning; q-factor; quantum well lasers; ring lasers; semiconductor optical amplifiers; wavelength division multiplexing; high-q channel-dropping filters; ring resonators; integrated soa; filter response; single-ring resonators; integrated semiconductor optical amplifiers; free spectral ranges; racetrack; on-off ratio; full-width at half-maximum; finesse; specific wavelength tuning; integrated pt-resistors; dwdm; add/drop filter; GaInAsP-InP; pt

The filter response of single-ring resonators with integrated semiconductor optical amplifiers based on GaInAsP-InP is presented. The devices with free spectral ranges of 25 and 50 GHz have the form of a racetrack. An on-off ratio of 20 dB, a full-width at half-maximum of 12 and 24 pm, a finesse of 17, and a Q factor of 130,000 and 65,000, respectively, have been achieved. The tuning to a specific wavelength is performed by using integrated Pt-resistors.