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Dynamic model for the efficiency analysis of intralogistic systems

: Hoyndorff, K.; Spee, D.; Ten Hompel, M.

Univ. of Louisville; Tilburg University; University of Economics, Izmir:
ICOVACS 2009, International Conference on Value Chain Substainability. Proceedings : Product Design, Branding and Logistics as a Leadership Strategy in a Global Market, October 19-21, 2009, Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville/Ky., 2009
ISBN: 978-0-615-36016-4
Inernational Conference on Value Chain Substainability <2009, Louisville/Ky.>
Fraunhofer IML ()
dynamic; Intralogistic; modeling; RFID

Nowadays, intralogistic systems are an elemental part of the supply chain where they are exposed to continuous change. At the same time a wide range of different systems exist which are able to work in this dynamic environment. Since many of these systems differ in their efficiency, even if these have to perform the same task, it is crucial to select the right system. In this project, there are several key numbers mathematically derived which help to evaluate a system and consider the influence of a dynamic environment. In order to determine these key numbers a model is developed. The model is used to visualize the process of different intralogistic systems and to analyze their performance based on changing environmental influences. It can be shown that manual systems contain a greater flexibility. Nevertheless, automatic systems can be operated with fewer costs if the environment is stable. However, if the dynamics rise the costs increase rapidly. Consequently, Automatic systems are less flexible. Using this new model, companies now have the ability to evaluate the influence of a dynamic environment on the efficiency if intralogistic systems with relatively effort.