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Sichtbarer Soundcheck

WKI entwickelt Messverfahren für Schallemissionen von Fußbodenbelägen
: Plinke, B.

Laminat-Magazin (2001), Januar, S.30-35
Fraunhofer WKI ()
Laminatfußboden; Schallemission; Meßverfahren; Signalanalyse; Akustik

The WKI Braunschweig has launched a research programme which comprises, among others, tests on floor coverings from various manufacturers. The test pieces have a size of some 3 m2 and are equipped with a solidly fixed insulating layer or various insulating materials. Sounds are recorded by a measuring microphone and represented as contour diagrams (frequency range, time, pressure produced by sound). These aspects had to be clarified:
Which are the relations between the type of sound, the surface charcteristics and the floor construction on the one hand and the measurable characteristics of the sound emissions on the other hand?
Can artificially produced sounds be (for instance hammers, hard, soft or plastic bodies) be used to imitate sounds produced by walking people, and if so, which?
Which practice-oriented measuring and test procedures can be developed on this basis? It would be desirable to be able to give immediate recommendations for product improvements on the basis of such measurements. The consumers would benefit from comprehensible figures characterising the floors. However, this would only be sensible if reference could be made to generally accepted and well-known measuring procedure.