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Apparatus for processing communal and industrial effluent and drinking water comprises reactor and filter arrangement located in region of or below base of reactor.
: Schliessmann, U.; Troesch, W.; Sternad, W.; Stroh, N.

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DE 2000-10004096 A: 20000131
DE 2000-10004096 A: 20000131
WO 2001-EP903 A: 20010127
DE 10004096 A1: 20010809
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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft eine verbesserte Wasseraufbereitungsanlage aus einem Reaktor und einer Filtervorrichtung, zum Beispiel zur Trinkwassergewinnung oder Abwasserreinigung.


DE 10004096 A UPAB: 20010924 NOVELTY - Apparatus for processing water comprises a reactor (40) and a filter arrangement (1) located in the region of or below the base (30) of the reactor. The filter arrangement has a filter element (11) fixed to a hollow rotating support body (9). The inside of the element is in fluid connection with the inner chamber of the support body so that the filtrate flows from the inside of the filter element into the inside of the support body and removed. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - An INDEPENDENT CLAIM is also included for a process for processing water using the above apparatus. Preferred Features: The filter arrangement is located within the reactor or outside of the reactor. The reactor is a loop-type bubble column and has an inner flow guide tube (50) and a nozzle (60) in the base. A pump (70) is arranged between the reactor and the filter arrangement. USE - Used for processing communal and industrial effluent and drinking water. ADVANTAGE - High volume streams can be effectively processed.