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Reliable determination of multi-axial road loads and tire deformations on buses and heavy trucks for the design and proof out

: Rupp, A.; Grubisic, V.


Warrendale, Pa.: SAE, 1997
SAE Technical Papers, 973189
Fraunhofer LBF ()
autobus; Bemessung; Betriebsbeanspruchung; Betriebslastenanalyse; Bus; composite material; data transfer; Datenübertragung; deformation; Dehnung; design; driving behavior; driving test; Fahrverhalten; Fahrversuch; Fahrzeugbau; Fahrzeugrad; Feder; force control; Kraftregelung; Last; Lastkraftwagen; load; measurement; Messung; operational load analysis; operational loading; Radlast; Reifen; spring; strain; tire; truck; vehicle construction; vehicle wheel; Verbundwerkstoff; Verformung; wheel load

The detailed analysis of the tire loading and the subsequent deformations under operational driving conditions is of great importance for the basic investigation of the functionability as well as for the input and verification of the computer simulation of tires. Such data are also required for the definition of mission profiles as well as for the derivation of programs for the durability approval. The principles for the measurement of global tire deformations by spring loaded deflection transducers arranged in - between the tire crown and the rim are described. By combination of those sensors with wheel force transducers the determined tire deformations are referred to the actual service loading conditions. The sensors and transducers are described and examples of field measurement on heavy truck tires under distinguished driving conditions are presented.