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Annealing in a mercury bath of In+ and B+ implanted Cd0.23Hg0.77Te studied by resonant Raman scattering and Hall effect measurements.

Ausheilen von In+ und B+ implantiertem Cd0.23Hg0.77Te. Eine Untersuchung mittels Ramanstreuung und Hall-Effekt-Messungen
: Koidl, P.; Uzan-Saguy, C.; Kalish, R.; Bruder, M.; Bachem, K.H.; Wagner, J.


Journal of applied physics 73 (1993), No.6, pp.2739-2742 : Abb.,Lit.
ISSN: 0021-8979
ISSN: 1089-7550
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Cd0.23Hg0.77Te; Hall effect measurement; Hall-Effekt-Messung; ion implantation; Ionenimplantation; raman spectroscopy; Ramanspektroskopie; thermal annealing; thermisches Ausheilen

Resonant Raman scattering by longitudinal optical phonons has been used to study the effect of annealing in a hot Hg bath on high113Inhigh+ and high11Bhigh+ implanted Cdsub0.23Hgsub0.77Te. Up to the highest doses of 1x10high13 cmhigh-2 for In and 1x10high14 cmhigh-2 for B, respectively, Raman spectroscopy indicates a full recovery of the crystalline perfection for annealing temperatures around 320 degree C and annealing times equal or bigger than 10 min. This recovery is accompanied by an electrical activation of the implants. Control experiments have been carried out to prove that the electrical activity is not due to residual lattice damage and that the immersion in the Hg bath by itself has no effect on the Raman spectrum.