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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Bauteilen mit einem oberflaechennahen Durchfluss- und Verteilungssystem fuer Fluessigkeiten und/oder Gase

Method for producing a component with a surface-near flow channel system for liquids and/or gases.
: Sinhoff, V.; Klocke, F.

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DE 1997-19740502 A: 19970915
DE 1997-19740502 A: 19970915
DE 19740502 A1: 19990318
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NOVELTY - The component has channels (3) on its surface. Subsequently a cover layer (4) bridging these channels is produced by generative or forming processes. Such a layer is uniformly dense or porous, or has a pattern with both dense and porous regions. USE - In particular, for cooling, heating and lubrication of components. ADVANTAGE - Cooling, heating etc. systems can be produced in single-piece components subjected to intensive thermal and mechanical loading. DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) - The drawing shows a part of a component provided with surface-near channels. Channels 3 Cover layer 4