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Verfahren zur Herstellung rutschfester Fussbodenbelaege

Method for producing slip-proof floor coverings of mineral materials - can involve natural stone, fine stoneware, artificial stone or ceramic using two-stage process with impulse laser bombardment.
: Wiedemann, G.; Sievers, T.

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DE 1997-19715937 A: 19970416
DE 1997-19715937 A: 19970416
EP 1998-930644 AW: 19980409
WO 1998-DE1023 A: 19980409
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EP 1009603 B1: 20030723
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On the surface (5) of the floor covering micro-craters (6) statistically distributed are produced by the effect of laser impulses, which are invisible to the human eye and have a suction pad effect. In a second process stage, the surface of the thus produced laser-structured floor covering is subjected to a hydro-mechanical post-treatment. The hydro-mechanical post-treatment is only carried out in the cavities (6) of the floor covering or plates. This treatment is so effected that the surface of the laser-structured floor covering is at least twice sprayed with fluid, whereby the last spraying process serves to clean and/or neutralise the surface of the covering or plates of previous spray fluids. ADVANTAGE - Process increases slip-preventing effect.