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Verfahren zur Herstellung metallisierter Diamant-Waermespreizer

Method for producing metal-coated diamond thermal conductors - creates segmented diamond discs as components in laser diodes.
: Wild, C.; Koidl, P.; Brink, D.; Mueller-Sebert, W.; Jehle, M.

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DE 1997-19729922 A: 19970704
DE 1997-19729922 A: 19970704
DE 19729922 C1: 19990121
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A scored channel (2) is made by laser cutting into the surface of a diamond disc (1) to a preset depth without cutting the diamond disc in half. After cutting into it, the whole diamond disc's top and bottom sides are metallised by lithography. It is then broken along one of the scored channels and cleaned after being cut into by an acid treatment creating graphite coatings. After being turned into a polished chemical vapour deposition diamond disc, one of its top surfaces is cut into up to half its thickness while both its top surfaces are cut into up to one third of the discs's thickness. ADVANTAGE - Enables the insulating surface of fracture to reach a satisfactory level so that required values for electric resistance between top and bottom sides can be maintained.