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Verfahren zur Abscheidung glatter polykristalliner Schichten

Process for the deposition of smooth polycrystalline layers
: Wild, C.; Koidl, P.; Mueller Sebert, W.; Walcher, H.; Eckermann, T.

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DE 1992-4219436 A: 19920613
DE 1992-4219436 A: 19920613
DE 4219436 A2: 19941110
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A process for the deposition of smooth polycrystalline layers, in particular diamond layers, is composed of two process steps. In a first step, the <100> crystal direction of an octahedron (8, 38) is grown at a growth parameter of of about 3, preferably over a layer thickness between 400 and 600 times the average nucleus distance on the substrate. In a second step, faces are generated and magnified by lowering the value of the growth parameter perpendicular to this <100> crystal direction until the faces cover the surface of the polycrystalline layer completely. The growth parameter is given by formula 1 where v<-100 and v<-111 are the growth rates of the crystal on <<<100>>> or <<<111>>> faces. As a result of this two-step process, it is possible to produce smooth polycrystalline diamant layers with thicknesses of several millimeters and a roughness in the 100 nanometer range.