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Verfahren und Anordnung zur Abbildung von Ultraschall- Wellenfedern

Imaging of ultrasonic wave fields using ultrasonic waves cyclically excited in object being tested - involves using instantaneous values to specified point of time and producing image corresponding to instantaneous recording of wave field.
: Koehler, B.

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DE 1996-19603574 A: 19960201
DE 1996-19603574 A: 19960201
DE 19603574 C2: 20010927
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The method for imaging of ultrasonic wave fields, so that ultrasonic waves are cyclically excited in the object (2) to be tested, and the object surface is scanned at points of the object surface. The time related signals picked up by a sensor (8) are digitalised and stored. An instantaneous value to a specified point of time is used, and at least one image, corresponding to an instantaneous recording of the wave field, is produced. The excitation of the ultrasonic waves results using a converter (4) or a laser pulse. The instantaneous value from the respective space point to the selected time is stored, or the respective complete time signals from each space point are stored. USE/ADVANTAGE - Non destructive testing or medical diagnosis field. Recording and imaging is facilitated on any surface with high sensitivity. Cost is low. Inhomogeneities and-or defects are detected and characterised, non-destructively.