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Analisis de los impactos medioambientales indirectos de las actividades economicas

: Hohmeyer, O.

Servicio de Planes y Programas, Direccion General de Planification, Sevilla:
La contabilidad de los recursos naturales
Sevilla, 1991 (Monografias de Economia y Medio Ambiente 3)
ISBN: 84-87294-31-6
Book Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
emission; emission inventory; Emittentenstruktur; Gesamtemission; indirect production impact; indirekte Produktionswirkung; Input-Output-Analyse; intermediate production; life-cycle analysis; Ökobilanz; total emission; Vorleistungsproduktion

The paper outlines an integrated economic-ecologic input-output model for the Federal Republic of Germany, which is being developed by the author on the basis of the official functional input-output tables for the Federal Republic of Germany. Being done in close cooperation with the Federal Republic of Germany. Being done in close cooperation with the German Federal Statistical Office (Statistisches Bundesamt) and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Umweltbundesamt), the research can draw upon substantial internal statistics on environmental topics. The model is supposed to become part of an integrated national economic-ecologic accounting system. A static Leontief-Model is enlarged by branch specific emission coefficients for the most important polluants released as gas, liquid or solid. The emission coefficients for the 58 industries and the final demand secors of the input- output model are based on statistical emission data on the one side as well as on technical studies o f the other. Each coefficient is based on a supporting disaggregated data set as part of an extensive data base containing economic as well as emission data. The data base can hold and process data from single processes, product groups or entire industries. Drawing upon a data base containing data of a base year as well as past years data and future projections the impact of changes in technology, changed economic structures and changed environmental policies can be analyzed with the model.