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Social costs of electricity generation. Wind and photovoltaic versus fossil and nuclear

: Hohmeyer, O.


Contemporary Policy Issues 8 (1990), No.3, pp.255-282
Journal Article
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electricity; Elektrizität; energy; environment; external cost; externe Kosten; Gesundheit; health; Kernenergie; nuclear energy; resource; Ressource; social cost; solar energy; Sonnenenergie; soziale Kosten; Umwelt; wind energy; Windenergie

This paper presents the results of research on the total costs to society of different technologies for electric power production in the Federal Republic of Germany. The analysis views electricity costs from a macroeconomic perspective and includes the internal or private costs as well as the social costs. The focus is on fossil and nuclear fuels as conventional energy souces on the one side and on wind and photovoltaic electricity as examples of renewable anaergy sources on the other.