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Selective etching of III-V materials

Unique possibilities and limits
Selektives Ätzen von III-V-Verbindungshalbleitern. Möglichkeiten und Grenzen
: Weyher, J.L.

Donecker, J.; Rechenberg, I.:
Defect recognition and image processing in semiconductors 1997. Proceedings
Philadelphia: IOP Publishing, 1998 (Institute of Physics - Conference Series 160)
ISBN: 0-7503-0500-2
International Conference on Defect Recognition and Image Processing in Semiconductors (DRIP) <7, 1997, Templin>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()
atomic force microscopy; epitaktische Heterostruktur; epitaxial heterostructure; GaAs; III-V compound; III-V Verbindungshalbleiter; InP; Photoätzen; photoetching; Raster-Kraft-Mikroskopie; Substrat; substrate

The aim of this review is to present general characteristics of selective etching and its position among other methods used for structural characterization of compound semiconductors. Classification of etching methods will be given based on different criteria such as: (i) mechanism of surface reactions, (ii) type of selectivity, (iii) direct/indirect use in the studies of defects. The importance of methods used for evaluation of the effects of etching is demonstrated. Illustrative examples are presented on: (i) die application of material-selective etching methods in the study of defects in device structures, (ii) the ultra-high sensitivity of the optimized shallow etching procedure for the analysis of submicron size defects, (iii) the importance of calibration of etching with other direct and high spatial resolution techniques.