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Non-slip floor covering and process for its production
: Wiedemann, G.; Stuermer, U.; Sievers, T.

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DE 1995-19518270 A: 19950518
DE 1995-19518270 A: 19950518
EP 1996-909975 AW: 19960418
WO 1996-DE703 A: 19960418
DE 19518270 C1: 19960822
EP 825917 B1: 20000119
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The invention relates to a non-slip floor covering, in particular made of mineral materials, e.g. stone or granite, with a mirror-finished surface, and a process for the production of such non-slip floor coverings. According to the invention, the surface of the floor covering is also non-slip since lenticular, sharp-edged recesses as shallow as possible (micro-craters with suction pad effect) and invisible to the human eye are statistically distributed but irregularly arranged on the surface of the said floor covering. According to the invention, said micro-craters with suction pad effect are obtained by a direct and defined use of laser pulses.