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Kompakter Laserbearbeitungskopf zur Lasermaterialbearbeitung mit integrierter on-line-Bahnkontrolle

Compact laser processing head for laser meterial processing with integrated on-line track control

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DE 1994-4433675 A: 19940921
DE 1994-4433675 A: 19940921
EP 1995-114368 A: 19950913
DE 4433675 A1: 19960328
EP 707920 B1: 19981202
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The invention relates to a compact laser machining head for machining laser material, in particular for laser-based material machining processes, for 2-D and 3-D laser machining. Said laser-machining head consists of a sensor for geometry detection and/or contour tracing, one or several mirrors (4) and/or mirror systems comprising a mirror housing (2) and a mirror holder (5), a defined interface (1) for the machine beam guidance system (3) and other necessary components, terminals and lines. According to the invention, the sensor (7) in this compact machining head for geometry detection and/or contour tracing is fully integrated in the design of the laser machining head and is mounted in a swivel bearing about the sensor's axis of rotation (12) together with other laser machining head accessories related to the machining direction.