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Investigation of fusion welded butt joints in structural steels.

Untersuchung schmelzgeschweißter Stumpfnähte in höherfesten Baustählen
: Burget, W.; Blauel, J.G.; Sommer, E.

Steel research 64 (1993), No.8/9
ISSN: 0177-4832
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()
bruchmechanische Prüfung; component testing; Fehlerbewertung; fracture mechanics testing; heat affected zone; mechanical testing; mechanisch-technologische Prüfung; numerical modelling; numerische Modellierung; Schweißverbindung; weld metal

In the present paper research work is presented combining material related research, weld fabrication related research and research in the field of numerical analysis of welded joint performance. Elements belonging to this extensive combination are mechanical testing (tensile, impact), fracture mechanics testing of small scale and full thickness specimens, component testing including engineering defect assessment and numerical modelling using the finite element method. Examples are given for each of the above mentioned elements.