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The hazard of electric arcs in residential PV systems assessment and installation guidelines

: Laukamp, H.; Bopp, G.; Nieberg, L.

Guimaraes, L.; Palz, W.; Reyff, C. de; Kiess, H.; Helm, P.:
Eleventh E.C. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference '92. Proceedings : International conference, held at Montreux, Switzerland, 12 - 16 October 1992
Chur: Harwood Academic Publishers, 1993 (EUR 14811/EN)
ISBN: 3-7186-5380-X
Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference <11, 1992, Montreux>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISE ()
Isolationsfehler; Lichtbogen; Photovoltaik; Sicherheit; VDE-Norm

In source circuits of photovoltaic power supply systems, standard protection measures against the hazards of electric faults do not work due to the inherent current limiting property of a PV generator. Therefore an electric fault might persist unnoticed until it develops enough damaging power to draw attention. How big is the hazard of electric arcs in PV systems? What can be done to overcome this hazard? These questions have been looked at by exposing commercial electric installation equipment to electric arcs. The results of these experiments are reported. The German electrical code does not specifically cover PV systems. However, it contains general requirements, which also apply to PV systems. A selection of applicable requirements has been chosen and interpreted to yield sensible hints for a sound PV- system installation. Based on the arc experiments and the code investigation, recommendations for a safe system engineering are given.