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Die Fügetechnik als Grundlage für den Kfz-Leichtbau

Bonding technology as basis for light weight constructions
: Hennemann, O.-D.

EUROFORM-Konferenz. Neue Werkstoffe in der Automobilindustrie. Proceedings
Neue Werkstoffe in der Automobilindustrie <1995, Frankfurt>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
Fügen durch Umformen; Fügetechnik; Klebetechnik; Leichtbau; Multifunktionalität; Produktinnovation; Systemlösung; Werkstoffkombination

Developments in the automotive industry require increasingly product innovations. Marks of this development are an increasing miniaturization and a multifunctionality by simultaneous use of design, material science and production engineering. It leads ultimately to intelligent material combinations. Necessary condition for this is the selection of a suitable joining technique. Particularly by the consistent use of the adhesive bonding technology and the combined joining techniques optimal system solutions can be found for the individual case.