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Fatigue strength of materials and structures under operational stresses

: Grubisic, V.

Univ. Split:
Pogonska Cvrstoca
Split, 1990
pp.22-64 : Abb.
Pogonska Cvrstoca <1990, Split>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()
aluminium alloy; Aluminiumlegierung; Betriebslastensimulation; constant amplitude loading; Einstufenbeanspruchung; Fahrzeugbau; fatigue life curve; fatigue life estimation; Lebensdauerabschätzung; Lebensdauerlinie; mean stress sensitivity; measurement; Messung; Mittelspannungsempfindlichkeit; operational load simulation; random loading; Spannungsdehnungskurve; Stahl; steel; stress strain curve; test; vehicle construction; Versuch; Woehler curve; Wöhlerlinie; zufallsartige Beanspruchung

In order to meet the requirements concerning the durability life, the reliability and safety of a structure its design has to be based on the static, dynamic and fatique life behavior of the material. This report shows a lot of examples of how to obtain these data by relevant tests and how to evaluate them.