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Fatigue life prediction of thin sheet structures

Theoretical and experimental results
: Rupp, A.

Body Engineering. Meeting the global needs. 5th Internatinal Body Engineering Conference and Exposition
Stuttgart, 1997
17 pp. : Ill., Lit.
International Body Engineering Conference (IBEC) <5, 1997, Stuttgart>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Bemessung; Betriebsbeanspruchung; Dauerfestigkeit; design; endurance limit; Fahrzeugbau; fatigue strength; Mehrstufenbeanspruchung; metal; Metall; operational loading; Punktschweißen; Schweißverbindung; Schwingfestigkeit; spot welding; variable amplitude loading; vehicle construction; welded joint

The durability and the life of automotive sheet metal structures are mainly controlled by the strength of the joints. Designers are aiming at reliable information, already in early design phase, that the structure will indeed perform satisfactorily throughout the required life cycles of a complex structure under the operational loading condition. Consequently, theoretical approaches for the determination of the structural durability and the reliable design and optimization of the structures are required. Starting with a summarizing description of the calculation procedures for spot welded structures with the respective strength data, in this paper conclusions are drawn for a general approach for other point joints e.g. rivets and clinches. For the comparative evaluation of this sheet structures from different materials with different joints the necessity of fatigue strength data under variable amplitude tests is discussed.