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Direct observation of Landau-Zener tunneling in a curved optical waveguide coupler

: Dreisow, F.; Szameit, A.; Heinrich, M.; Nolte, S.; Tünnermann, A.; Ornigotti, M.; Longhi, S.


Physical Review. A 79 (2009), No.5, Art. 055802, 4 pp.
ISSN: 0556-2791
ISSN: 1050-2947
ISSN: 1094-1622
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IOF ()
high-speed optical techniques; optical couplers; optical waveguide; tunnelling

An electromagnetic realization of Landau-Zener (LZ) tunneling is experimentally demonstrated in femtosecond-laser written waveguide couplers with a cubically bent axis. Quantitative measurements of light evolution inside the coupler, based on fluorescence imaging, enable to trace the detailed dynamics of the LZ process. The experimental results are in good agreement with the theoretical LZ model for linear crossing of energy levels with constant coupling of finite duration.