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GeoCrystal: Graphic-Interactive Access to Geodata Archives

: Haist, J.; Göbel, S.; Jasnoch, U.


Erbacher, R.F. ; Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers -SPIE-, Bellingham/Wash.:
Visualization and Data Analysis 2002. Proceedings : 21 - 22 January 2002, San Jose, USA
Bellingham/Wash.: SPIE, 2002 (SPIE Proceedings Series 4665)
ISBN: 0-8194-4405-7
Conference "Visualization and Data Analysis" <2002, San Jose/Calif.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
geodata archive; information visualisation; visual information retrieval; data mining; metadata information system; metaphor; spatial landscape; user interaction; GeoCrystal; GeoLibrary

Recently there is spent a lot of effort to establish information systems and global infrastructures enabling both data suppliers and users to describe (-> eCommerce, metadata) as well as to find appropriate data. Examples for this are metadata information systems, online-shops or portals for geodata. The main disadvantages of existing approaches are insufficient methods and mechanisms leading users to (e.g. spatial) data archives. This affects aspects concerning usability and personalization in general as well as visual feedback techniques in the different steps of the information retrieval process.
Several approaches aim at the improvement of graphical user interfaces by using intuitive metaphors, but only some of them offer 3D interfaces in the form of information landscapes or geographic result scenes in the context of information systems for geodata.
This paper presents GeoCrystal, which basic idea is to adopt Venn diagrams to compose complex queries and to visualize search results in a 3D information and navigation space for geodata. These concepts are enhanced with spatial metaphors and 3D information landscapes (library for geodata) wherein users can specify searches for appropriate geodata and are enabled to graphic-interactively communicate with search results (book metaphor).