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Fatigue design values for welded joints of the wrought magnesium alloy AZ31 (ISO-MgAl3Zn1) according to the nominal, structural and notch stress concepts in comparison to welded steel and aluminium connections

IIW 1857-07
: Sonsino, C.M.; Hanselka, H.; Karakas, Ö.; Gülsöz, A.; Vogt, M.; Dilger, K.

Welding in the world 52 (2008), No.5/6, pp.79-94
ISSN: 0043-2288
Journal Article
Fraunhofer LBF ()
Magnesiumlegierung; Schwingfestigkeit; Leichtmetall; mechanische Eigenschaft; Stahl; Schweissverbindung

The following investigation provides knowledge about the fatigue behaviour of welded wrought magnesium alloy AZ31 (ISO-MgAl3Zn1). Three different types of joints, fully penetrated and partially penetrated butt welds, transversal stiffeners, were tested under fully reversed (R = -1), pulsating (R = 0) and high mean tensile (R = 0.5) loadings. The results were presented according to the nominal, structural (hot-spot) and notch stress (rf = 1.0 and 0.05 mm) concepts. For these four concepts the FAT - values according to IIW- Recommendations were derived and compared with those already known for welded steel and aluminium joints.