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Multifunctional high-reflective and antireflective layer systems with easy-to-clean properties

: Glöß, D.; Frach, P.; Gottfried, C.; Klinkenberg, S.; Liebig, J.-S.; Hentsch, W.; Liepack, H.; Krug, M.


Pulker, H.K.:
6th International Conference on Coatings on glass and Plastics, ICCG6. Advanced coatings for large-area or high-volume products : June 18-22, 2006, Dresden, Germany
Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2008 (Thin solid films 516.2008, Nr.14)
International Conference on Coatings on Glass and Plastics (ICCG) <6, 2006, Dresden>
Conference Paper, Journal Article
Fraunhofer FEP ()
titanium dioxide; photocatalysis; pulse magnetron sputtering; antireflective coatings; optical coating

High-reflective (HR) and even more antireflective (AR) layer systems are in use for widespread applications. Multifunctional layer systems providing high optical functionality with an easy-to-clean or a self-cleaning behavior would be preferable for many applications to avoid soiling of the surface. In this paper, the feasibility of fabrication by highly productive pulse magnetron sputtering in an in-line coating plant is investigated. Easy-to-clean properties are achieved by a top layer of photocatalytic and photoinduced hydrophilic TiO2. Multifunctional HR layer systems were successfully deposited on glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrates at a low deposition temp. of 150 DegC, demonstrating the possibility of coating certain polymer materials. Double-sided multifunctional AR layer systems with a single-sided photoinduced hydrophilic TiO2 top coating have a resulting reflectivity of about 3% and transmittance of about 97% in the visible range of light.