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Millimeterwave sensors for concealed weapon detection

Millimeterwellen-Sensoren für die Detektion von versteckt getragenen Waffen
: Hägelen, M.; Briese, G.; Nötel, D.; Essen, H.; Tessmann, A.; Schlechtweg, M.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation -DGON-:
International Radar Symposium, IRS 2007. Proceedings : 05 - 07 September 2007, Cologne, Germany
Bonn: DGON, 2007
International Radar Symposium (IRS) <2007, Köln>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IAF ()
Fraunhofer FHR
radiometer; low-noise amplifier (LNA); rauscharmer Verstärker; MMIC; W-Band; FMCW radar; concealed weapon detection (CWD); Detektion versteckter Waffen; synthetic aperture radar (SAR); synthetisches Apertur-Radar

Demonstrators have been set up for active and passive sensors. A single channel radiometer of the Dicke type was built up using three stacked LNAs and a PIN SPDT to switch between receiver and the matched second port to serve as a reference. While the bandwidth of the amplifier chain is 20 GHz, the total bandwidth is limited by the PIN switch to 4 GHz. The total gain is 60 dB. This radiometer has been used to demonstrate the capability of such a sensor to detect and image concealed weapons and explosives.
The second demonstrator, which was involved in the comparative test was a single chip FM-CW radar at 94 GHz. It was positioned at a linear drive mounted on top of an arch. Synthetic aperture processing was employed to generate radar images of objects below the arch.
The contribution discusses the different approaches of millimeterwave sensing for concealed weapon detection and classification and shows typical results.