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Systematic approach for finite element analysis of thermoplastic impregnated 3D filament winding structures - General concept and first validation results

: Haas, Jonathan; Hassan, Oktay Nedim; Beck, Björn; Kärger, Luise; Henning, Frank

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Composite structures 268 (2021), Art. 113964, 12 pp.
ISSN: 0263-8223
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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3D filament winding; thermoplastic composites; finite element analysis; structural simulation

This work presents a systematic procedure for the detailed, mesoscopic Finite Element simulation of 3D filament wound fiber skeletons with thermoplastic impregnation. First, relevant structural constituents of thermoplastic fiber skeletons are identified and mechanically characterized by means of specially adapted test methods and specimens. In the next step, the mechanical behavior of the structural constituents is simulated in separate FE models, so-called sub-models. This includes the selection, implementation and parametrization of suitable material models. After that, a Finite Element model for a simple demonstrator fiber skeleton is created, the so-called main model, into which the sub-models are integrated. Finally, the simulation results of the main model are compared to mechanical tests of the demonstrator fiber skeleton. The main model developed in this work allows a precise calculation of the maximum bearable load and a good representation of the delamination process occurring before rupture.