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Mixed-mode I/II fracture criteria for adhesively-bonded pultruded GFRP/steel joint

: Jiang, Zhengwen; Fang, Zhi; Yan, Libo; Wan, Shui; Fang, Yawei


Composite structures 255 (2021), Art. 113012, 11 pp.
ISSN: 0263-8223
Journal Article
Fraunhofer WKI ()
adhesively-bonded composite / steel joint; mixed-mode fracture behavior; 4SLB specimen; power law criteria

The pure mode-I, pure mode-II and the mixed-mode I/II fracture behavior of the adhesively-bonded pultruded GFRP/steel joint were experimentally investigated by using double cantilever beam (DCB) test, and four-point end-notched flexure (4ENF) test combined with four-point single leg bending (4SLB) test, respectively. The extended global method (EGM) was employed to obtain closed-form analytical solutions of mode-II fracture toughness for the 4ENF specimen and mixed-mode I/II fracture toughness components for the 4SLB specimen. Combined with the mode-I fracture toughness obtained by the experimental compliance method (ECM), the power law criteria in initiation and propagation processes were developed for adhesively-bonded pultruded GFRP/steel joint. Validation on the developed mixed-mode fracture criteria was performed through employing it to predict the load-displacement responses of the 4SLB specimens combined with VCCT. Finally, the mixed-mode fracture criteria of the adhesively-bonded GFRP/steel joint were compared to those of the adhesively-bonded GFRP/GFRP joint for quantifying their difference.