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Nanocrystalline non-equilibrium alloys of molybdenum with sodium

: Bergk, B.; Mühle, U.; Kieback, B.

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Journal of Materials Science : JMS 53 (2018), No.19, pp.13424–13431
ISSN: 0022-2461
ISSN: 1573-4803
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We present an experimental investigation of the immiscible alloy system Mo–Na with different Na concentrations between 1 and 8 at.%. These non-equilibrium alloys were created by mechanical alloying utilizing high-energy ball milling for up to 75 h. The different microstructures, particle-size distributions, and Na contents of the as-milled powder have been studied using transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy combined with energy-dispersive X-ray analysis. The maximum Na concentration incorporated into the Mo–Na alloy is identified to be 2 at.%. In addition, the thermal stability of the alloy was examined by analyzing the Na content after annealing at different temperatures and annealing times. While after milling with 1 at.% Na, the establishment of a solid solution was proved previously, the formation of a solid solution is limited to about 1.2 at.% if more Na is used. The residual incorporated Na is segregated at pores, defects, and grain boundaries.