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Sintering and magnetocaloric properties of gas atomised LaFe11.0Si1.2Co0.8

: Wieland, S.


Powder Metallurgy 63 (2020), No.2, pp.149-154
ISSN: 0032-5899
ISSN: 1743-2901
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

The sintering behaviour of LaFe11.0Si1.2Co0.8 powder produced by gas atomisation was examined to provide a basis for the application of powder metallurgical shaping technologies to magnetocaloric La(Fe,Si)13-alloys. The aim was to establish sintering parameters for attaining both high densification and good magnetocaloric properties for the investigated particle sizes <10 µm and <25 µm. Dilatometry measurements and sintering trials were carried out and density, microstructure and entropy change ΔS of the sintered samples were analysed. For the fine particles <10 µm, the lowest investigated sintering temperature 1150°C results in a relative density of 97%, a low α-Fe content and a high ΔS = −5 J kg−1 K−1 (ΔH=2 T). For powder <25 µm, a two-stage process is required to achieve similar properties.