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Detection and removal of infrequent behavior from event streams of business processes

: Zelst, S.J. van; Fani Sani, M.; Ostovar, A.; Conforti, R.; Rosa, M. La


Information systems 90 (2020), Art.101451
ISSN: 0306-4379
ISSN: 0094-453X
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FIT ()

Process mining aims at gaining insights into business processes by analyzing the event data that is generated and recorded during process execution. The vast majority of existing process mining techniques works offline, i.e. using static, historical data, stored in event logs. Recently, the notion of online process mining has emerged, in which techniques are applied on live event streams, i.e. as the process executions unfold. Analyzing event streams allows us to gain instant insights into business processes. However, most online process mining techniques assume the input stream to be completely free of noise and other anomalous behavior. Hence, applying these techniques to real data leads to results of inferior quality. In this paper, we propose an event processor that enables us to filter out infrequent behavior from live event streams. Our experiments show that we are able to effectively filter out events from the input stream and, as such, improve online process mining results.