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Influence of tool material properties on the wear behavior of cemented carbide tools with rounded cutting edges

: Denkena, Berend; Michaelis, Alexander; Herrmann, Mathias; Pötschke, Johannes; Krödel, Alexander; Vornberger, Anne; Picker, Tobias


Wear 546-547 (2020), Art. 203395
ISSN: 0043-1648
ISSN: 1873-2577
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Cemented carbide; tool material; Wear; cutting edge rounding

Tool wear and life of cutting tools are significant evaluation criteria of machining processes. However, the occurring wear mechanisms are influenced by a number of factors such as the process parameters, tool geometry and the material properties of the tool and workpiece. Previous research has shown a high potential for the use of adapted cutting edge microgeometries on cemented carbide cutting tools. The optimal cutting edge rounding is strongly dependent on the tool material properties. However, the influence and relation between the properties of the cemented carbide tool, the microgeometry and the resulting tool wear are not yet completely understood. In this study the tool wear is investigated by systematically varying the mechanical and thermophysical properties of the tool material, the tool microgeometry and cutting process parameters. Significant influencing variables of tool wear are identified and existing relationships quantified. Results show that the occurring wear mechanisms depend on the cutting edge microgeometry as well as the mechanical properties of the cemented carbide. During continuous machining the minimum required cutting edge rounding is a function of the cemented carbide’s fracture toughness. This knowledge allows an adaption of the cutting edge microgeometry depending on the substrate properties to reduce the tool wear and achieve a longer tool life.