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Herstellung und Untersuchung von Antifouling-Beschichtungen auf Polyoxometallatbasis

: Feldmann, Nils
: Wittke, Stefan Johannes; Stübing, Dorothea

Bremerhaven, 2019, 71 pp.
Bremerhaven, Hochschule, Bachelor Thesis, 2019
Bachelor Thesis
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

The presented work deals with the production, compatibility and investigation of the antibacterial characteristics of polyoxometalate in coating systems. In various scientific sources, polyoxometalate are described as having antibacterial effects. This makes the still poorly explored application of polyoxometalate in anti-fouling coatings an interesting topic of research. During the research, the antibacterial efficacy of polyoxometalate against Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis and a marine multiculture could be confirmed. By integrating the polyoxometalate in different coating systems, compatibility with various binder was demonstrated, whereby compatible and incompatible binders could be found. This made it possible to produce coating systems with polyoxometalate which did not show impairment of the coating stability. Initially the antibacterial characteristics of the coating systems were determined against a marine multiculture on the basis of a colony-forming unit count. Subsequently, the characterization against E. coli and B. subtilis, on the basis of a proliferation measure, was performed. In total 32 different coating compositions have been tested. Hereby coating systems with polyoxometalate could be found, in which polyoxometalate achieved an antibacterial effect. It was proven, that the antibacterial effect of polyoxometalate can be maintained in coacting systems. With the results obtained, it was possible to estimate the impacts of the amount of polyoxometalate in coating systems as well as to provide inducement for further investigations of polyoxometalate as substance for antifouling coatings.