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Fracture Toughness of Hollow Glass Microsphere-Filled Iron Matrix Syntactic Foams

: Lehmhus, Dirk; Weise, Jörg; Szlancsik, A.; Orbulov, Imre Norbert

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Materials 13 (2020), No.11, Art. 2566, 12 pp.
ISSN: 1996-1944
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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In this study, iron-based metal matrix syntactic foam (MMSF) containing hollow glass microspheres as filler was investigated with respect to notch sensitivity aspects. The MMSF was produced by means of metal powder injection molding. The notch sensitivity was studied via (i) elastic-plastic fracture mechanics measurements (determination of R-curves based on three-point bending tests) and (ii) Charpy impact tests. In both cases, the samples were machined with two different (U- and V-shaped) notch geometries. The critical J-integral value was determined for both notch types, which resulted in lower fracture toughness values in the case of the V-shaped notches and thus notch sensitivity of the material. This finding can be connected to the characteristics of the deformation zone and the associated stress concentration at the tip of the machined notches. The results were confirmed by Charpy impact tests showing ~30% higher impact energy in the case of the U-shaped notch. The failure modes were investigated by means of scanning electron microscopy. In contrast to the bulk material, the MMSF showed brittle fracture behavior.