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Kriterien für die Beurteilung von Packstoffen für Lebensmittel, Kosmetika und Arzneimittel

Criteria to qualify packaging materials for foods, cosmetics and parmaceuticals
: Schricker, G.; Piringer, O.G.

Speciality plastics Conference '86, LLDPE, VLDPE and polar polyethylene markets and economics, 13.-15.Nov.1986 in Zuerich
Speciality Plastics Conference '86. LLDPE, VLDPE and Polar Polyethylene Markets and Economics <1986, Zürich>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IVV ()
Arzneimittel; Kosmetik; Lagerung; Lebensmittel; migration; Packmittel; Qualität; Verpackungsabfall; Verpackungsmaterial; Packstoff; Schutzfunktion; Spezifikation; Sperreigenschaft; packaging material; protective function; specification; barrier properties; food; cosmetics; drug

The primary task of packaging is the protection of the product against quality reducing influences, such as humidity, oxygen and light, and processes, such as loss of humidity, flavour or odour as well as the migration of compounds from the packaging material into the product and off-odour migration into foodstuffs. In order to optimise the protective effect of the packages, the sensitivity of the product to damages must be known. Common sensitivities of packed goods as well as physical processes and chemical reactions are listed. Examples are described. A calculation method is presented for the water vapour permeability of the package for shelf-life of moisture sensitive products. For the packaging of cosmetics a testing method was developed which allows to predict within a few days the aroma loss over long periods. The significance of chemical-analytical studies of packaging materials and packages for the foodstuff legislation is demonstrated by way of examples. Tables and figures show values of specific importance.