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A comprehensive model for individuals’ acceptance of smart energy technology - A meta-analysis

: Gimpel, Henner; Graf, Vanessa; Graf-Drasch, Valerie


Energy policy 138 (2020), Art. 111196
ISSN: 0301-4215
Journal Article
Fraunhofer FIT ()
meta-analysis; smart energy technology; smart grid; smart energy saving systems; technology adoption; Smart City

Individuals' use of smart energy technology – i.e., technology that increases energy efficiency or increases the integration of renewable energy sources – holds great potential to solve the energy-related climate problem. However, individuals' current uptake of smart energy technology is low. If policymakers are to successfully address this issue, it is vital that they understand the determinants of individuals' smart energy technology adoption. Hence, this paper provides a comprehensive adoption model for smart energy technology, including data from over 4k individuals in Europe, Asia, and North America involved in various technological contexts and phases of diffusion. A meta-analysis identifies Attitude and Performance Expectancy as the primary determinants of individuals’ smart energy technology adoption. Further, results show that Environmental Concern influences all other determinants. Implications for research and policymakers are discussed.