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Speech acts in professional maritime discourse: A pragmatic risk analysis of bridge team communication directives and commissives in full-mission simulation

: John, Peter; Brooks, Benjamin; Schriever, Ulf

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Journal of pragmatics 140 (2019), pp.12-21
ISSN: 0378-2166
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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The paper studies verbal maritime communication by categorising spontaneous professional discourse observed in co-operative full-mission simulation exercises into the illocutionary points of commissives and directives according to Searle's original classification. The research adopts a Corpus Pragmatics approach by combining vertical Corpus Linguistics methods with horizontal Pragmatics analyses. Between-group analyses of speech acts by native and non-native speakers of English are carried out and possible risks of miscommunication classified and compared. On the basis of the circular Osgood-Schramm communication model the sender–receiver interaction is investigated for either speaker group. Findings include both quantitative and qualitative between-group differences in locutionary, illocutionary and perlocutionary speech acts. These differences are evaluated as causal factors in effective communicative acts and as contributory factors for miscommunication in the maritime domain.