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Thermosetting Shape Memory Polymers and Composites Based on Polybenzoxazine Blends, Alloys and Copolymers

: Mora, Phattarin; Schäfer, Hannes; Jubsilp, PhaChanchira; Rimdusit, Sarawut; Koschek, Katharina

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Chemistry. A European journal 14 (2019), No.23, pp.4129-4139
ISSN: 0947-6539
ISSN: 1521-3765
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
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When dealing with smart polymers, in particular with shape memory polymers, the polymer type and composition specify the overall material properties and in particular the extent of the shape memory effect. Polybenzoxazines as a polymer with high potential for structural applications represent a promising component for materials with both shape memory effect and structurally interesting material properties. This minireview gives insight into how the shape memory effect, in particular the shape recovery event, is influenced by internal factors such as polymer structure, morphology and external factors such as filler addition.