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Inverse Decoding of PCM A-law and µ-law

: Cuccovillo, Luca; Aichroth, Patrick

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AES E-Library. Online resource (2019), Paper Nr.21
International Conference on Audio Forensics <2019, Porto>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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In this paper, we present a new approach for detecting traces of PCM A-law and PCM µ-law encoding within 16-bit PCM content. For both codecs, no previous detection approaches have been developed, despite the fact that they are often applied for land-line phone calls. An evaluation of our method has been carried out using the publicly available Librispeech ASR Corpus as a basis. The detection of both codecs, using analysis windows of 0.1s, is highly reliable even if automatic dithering noise is present, with an Equal Error Rate (EER) of 0% for PCM A-law and 1.05% for PCM µ-law.