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Thermal sprayed aluminum coatings A199 and AlSi12 on carbon fiber reinforced magnesium-alloy AZ91 for integration in aluminum-cast processes

: Mrotzek, Tino; Condé-Wolter, Jan; Behnisch, Thomas; Gude, Maik; Barbosa, Maria Manuel; Scheitz, Stefan; Schultz, Davide; Leyens, Christoph

Azarmi, F. (Ed.) ; The Thermal Spray Society -TSS-; ASM International:
New waves of thermal spray technology for sustainable growth : International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition (ITSC 2019); Yokohama, Japan, 26-29 May 2019
Red Hook, NY: Curran, 2019
ISBN: 978-1-5108-8800-5
International Thermal Spray Conference (ITSC) <2019, Yokohama>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
adhesive; tensile testing; sustainable development; sprayed coatings; silicon alloy; reinforcement; protective coating; plasma spraying; metallic matrix composites; magnesium castings; magnesium alloys; integration; HVOF thermal spraying; fuel; fracture mechanic; fiber reinforced material; aluminum oxide; aluminum coatings; alumina

Cast aluminum materials have limited strength and stiffness and tend to brittle fracture behavior under fatigue loading. For the significant increase of these material properties, the reinforcement of cast aluminum materials by the integration of carbon fiber-reinforced magnesium structures (magnesium based metal matrix composites - Mg-MMC) was investigated within this work. In order to obtain a bond between the cast aluminum and Mg-MMC, thermally sprayed functional coatings based on aluminum alloys (A199 and AlSi12) were used in both high velocity oxy fuel spraying (HVOF) and atmospheric plasma spraying processes (APS). The mechanical properties of the bonding were studied in single-lap shear and adhesive tensile tests, accompanied by optical microsection analyses. In order to evaluate and investigate the requested composite concept, the hybrid casting integration of coated Mg-MMC structures in the alumina alloy AlSi10Mg was examined on a test specimen level and on a generic component.