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On the use of infrared thermography and acousto-ultrasonics NDT techniques for ceramic-coated sandwich structures

: Duan, Yuxia; Zhang, Hai; Sfarra, Stefano; Avdelidis, Nicolas P.; Loutas, Theodoros H.; Sotiriadis, George; Kostopoulos, Vassilis; Fernandes, Henrique Coelho; Petrescu, Florian Ion; Ibarra-Castanedo, Clemente; Maldague, Xavier P.V.

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Energies 12 (2019), No.13, Art. 2537, 12 pp.
ISSN: 1996-1073
Journal Article, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
non-destructive testing; infrared thermography; acousto-ultrasonics; ceramic coatings; sandwich structure

Ceramic-coated materials used in different engineering sectors are the focus of world-wide interest and have generated a need for inspection techniques that detect very small structural anomalies. Non-destructive testing is increasingly being used to evaluate coating thickness and to test for coating flaws. The main pros of non-destructive testing is that the tested object remains intact and available for continued use afterward. This paper reports on an integrated, non-destructive testing approach that combines infrared thermography and acousto-ultrasonics to evaluate advanced aerospace sandwich structure materials with the aim of exploring any potential for detecting defects of more than one type. Combined, these two techniques successfully detected fabrication defects, including inclusions and material loss.