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Mobile Laser Trackers for Aircraft Manufacturing: Increasing Accuracy and Productivity of Robotic Applications for Large Parts

: Brillinger, C.; Susemihl, H.; Ehmke, F.; Staude, T.; Deutmarg, K.; Klemstein, M.; Boehlmann, C.; Hintze, W.; Wollnack, J.


Warrendale, Pa.: SAE, 2019
SAE Technical Paper, 2019-01-1368
AeroTech Americas Congress and Exhibition (AEROTECH) <2019, Charleston/SC>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

The demand for higher production rates of large parts in aircraft industry requests more flexible manufacturing solutions. High-accurate mobile robots show a promising alternative in comparison with high-invest special machines. With mobile robot-based solutions processes can be executed simultaneously which increases the productivity significantly. However, the freedom of mobility results in insufficient positioning accuracy of these machines. Hence fast and accurate referencing processes are required to achieve cost-effectiveness and meet production tolerances. In this publication a Mobile Laser Tracker (MLT) system and a holistic approach for future manufacturing systems with mobile robots will be introduced and discussed.