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Cut edge structures and gas boundary layer characteristics in laser beam fusion cutting

: Borkmann, Madlen; Mahrle, Achim; Beyer, Eckhard; Leyens, Christoph

Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft Lasertechnik -WLT-:
Lasers in Manufacturing, LiM 2019 : Munich, Germany, June 24-27, 2019; Proceedings; World of Photonics Congress
Munich, 2019
Art. 163
Lasers in Manufacturing Conference (LiM) <2019, Munich>
World of Photonics Congress <2019, Munich>
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG
BE 1875/36-1
Evaluierung dynamischer Lösungsansätze zur Optimierung des Inertgasschneidens von Dickblech mit Laserstrahlquellen hoher Strahlqualität
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
laser beam fusion cutting; cut edge structure; gas flow characteristic; gas boundary layer; modelling and simulation

Fiber laser fusion cutting trials on AISI 304 stainless steel sheets of 10 mm thickness were performed to gain further insight into the formation mechanisms of topographical features of cut edges. It is found that particularly the variation of focus position causes distinct processing regimes with completely different cut edge structures. Standard cut edges can be divided in six different structural zones. It has become obvious that particular details of the different cut edge zones can be only understood as a result of a rather complex cutting gas flow. Corresponding high-resolution CFD simulations of the cutting gas elucidate the structure of the supersonic flow field and particular boundary layer characteristics. The results strongly support the hypothesis that the cutting gas flow and particularly the stability of the gas boundary layer plays an important role for the generation of the final cut edge topography.