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Electrochemical and Morphological Characterization of Zn-Al-Cu Layered Double Hydroxides as a Negative Electrode in Aqueous Zinc‐Ion Batteries

: Bani Hashemi, A.; Kasiri, G.; Glenneberg, J.; Langer, F.; Kun, R.; La Mantia, F.


ChemElectroChem 5 (2018), No.15, pp.2054-2054
ISSN: 2196-0216
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()

The front cover artwork is provided by Universität Bremen, Energy Storage and Energy Conversion Research Group and Innovative Sensor and Functional Materials Research Group. The image shows how layered double hydroxides can contribute to the improvement of the performances of the zinc anode in aqueous zinc‐ion batteries for the short‐term storage of renewable energies.