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Cyber defence: Visualizing and analyzing netflow log-files

: Winkelholz, Carsten

Neuilly-sur-Seine: NATO, STO, 2018, 61 pp.
ISBN: 978-92-837-2046-1
Fraunhofer FKIE ()

Ever-increasing amounts of data are collected and stored; as the volume and complexity of data increase it becomes ever more challenging to utilise the data effectively. Analysts and decision-makers are overloaded with the vast amounts of data/information. This often dynamic, complex, disparate, conflicting, incomplete, and at times uncertain, data must be analysed and understood so as to enable identification and prevention of threats, and thus protect NATO security. Standard tools and approaches have become inadequate. Visual Analytics provides analysts and decision-makers with a ‘better and more effective’ means to understand and analyse these massive datasets, and enable timely response. It provides users with an effective approach for analysing, understanding and making sense of these large datasets so as to enable users to take timely action upon their findings and discoveries. This provides the necessary Information Superiority.